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EasternTurkishRug is our goal to be the best in hand woven carpets and design. Our staff often travel to nearby villages and other countries to find excellent pieces of carpet. On our site you can see some examples of these magnificent rugs. However, please note that we have more Carpet than shown in our store. Feel free to contact us.

Well Experienced in Repair and Restore

EasternRugart Kilim is hugely different from its counterparts in its repairing and restoring service. Our well-experienced staffs repair and restore the ripped, torn or too old to use pieces without damaging their original pattern. They do it with great care and effort performing their skills.

Our founder

There is nothing like staying at home for real family comfort

>> Turkish rugs are world wide well known with quality of double knots since centuries.The each design and the color keep very speacial secret meaning in them which makes Turkish rugs more interesting.Most of the Turkish rugs used to make in the central Anatolian in Turkey because of Anatolian culture.Every young lady had to have a rug in her dowry before she get marry.It was like this obligation in our culture.

>> I have really unique vintage Turkish rugs collection. We create matchless designs by painting with natural colors on unique hand-woven rugs. I hope You enjoy of looking or having one of them in your house.

Founder and CEO
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Albert Armchair, Nubuck White

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